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Typically, orthodontic treatment is reserved for children and teens; however, adults need orthodontics too, due to dental conditions, overcrowding, or trauma inflicted upon the teeth. Of course, there are things to consider before making a decision, such as age-related considerations, as well as bite correction concerns, vulnerabilities, and psychosocial factors at play. At New Smile Dentistry, we are here to discuss your goals for a straighter smile and will do everything we can to get you smiling with confidence again!


Some things to take into consideration, when mulling over orthodontic needs, are whether this is purely a cosmetic issue or a bite problem that interferes with normal function. Since age needs to be considered with orthodontic treatment, as well as treatment expectations, comfort, and concern with appearance, we recommend consulting with your orthodontist to determine which type of aligner is the best or right for you.


Regarding age, adult patients may have physical issues they deal with, which don’t affect younger patients. They also may have insufficient bone, resulting in inadequate blood supply between the roots. Since the bones are no longer growing and are hard, it may take longer for patients to adjust to their new position.


Usually, adults have a malocclusion or improper bite that causes them to seek out orthodontic treatment, but for a patient who has a deep overbite, there may not be enough room for the teeth to shift, without extracting one or more teeth.


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