Danger: Dental Accidents May Lie Ahead!

Danger: Dental accidents are afoot at every turn. Your teeth may not be safe! Beware! Don’t dare to avoid your oral health care, or a dental accident can give you a scare! Granted, every moment of your life isn’t a constant war to save your ivory little wonderbites that are tucked safely in their tiny… Read more »

Tooth Abscess and Tooth Infections: What You Should Know

Do you know what the differences between a tooth abscess and a tooth infection are? Would you be surprised to learn that many individuals confuse the two treatments? While they share some similarities, there are also significant differences. As you know, your body can usually fight off infections well. However, because blood doesn’t flow to… Read more »

Which Is Best for Your Mouth, Implants or Bridges?

If you have a missing tooth, you may know that there are several things you should consider doing to have the issue addressed. While many restorations offer similar benefits, you should have your tooth replaced as soon as possible. If you don’t, you could have a hard time chewing comfortably or could struggle to pronounce… Read more »

How Are Braces Made?

Malocclusion, or crooked teeth and a misaligned bite, is a common issue. Some people’s teeth come in crooked, overlapping, or crowded. This may occur when a person’s mouth is too small for their teeth. Individuals may also have gapped teeth. Other times, a person may have upper and lower jaws that aren’t the same size… Read more »

Dental Veneers Make Ordinary Smiles Magnificent

Is your smile less that what you may hope for? Would you classify you smile as “ordinary?” If so, fret not, as dental veneers can make ordinary smiles magnificent. The celebrity-quality flawless beauty of dental veneers is due in part to their full customization and utilization as cosmetic enhancements designed to give you a look… Read more »

Simple Steps to Caring for Your Braces

Braces require care, as do your teeth. By remembering to care for your braces, you can keep the time you need to wear them, down to a minimum. However, neglecting braces can also increase the duration needed to adjust your teeth into ideal proper alignment. That is why our team here at is happy to… Read more »

The Tricks to Keeping Tooth Decay Away From Your Smile

As you may already know, tooth decay is a serious and dangerous dental issue that can alter your oral health and result in tooth extraction if you’re not careful. This is why it’s best to just avoid this dental problem altogether. To help you keep your smile free from tooth decay in , , our… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Benefit Your Teeth, Gums, and Self-Esteem

Invisalign® clear aligners are a fantastic orthodontic treatment for teeth alignment. Invisalign can benefit your teeth, gums, and your self-esteem. These nearly invisible aligners can offer you the luxury of a quality orthodontics treatment, with barely a shred of visible proof. Forget all the uncomfortable wires, rubber bands, and metal brackets of traditional braces, as… Read more »

Don’t Skip Flossing

When you’re pressed for time it’s easy to decide to skip flossing and just quit doing it. However, if you start to skip it on such a regular basis that you quit flossing altogether, you’re putting your oral health at serious risk. Flossing has many benefits that you can’t get just from brushing your teeth…. Read more »

Restorative Dentistry & Dental Bridges

Restorative dentistry is a specific focus of dental treatments that are meant to restore a tooth. If the tooth isn’t restored by some means, your oral health can be altered. Usually, one of the best treatments of restorative dentistry is to install a standard dental bridge to help replace missing teeth. A dental bridge in… Read more »