The Best Flossing Technique for Your Smile

Oral hygiene is vital for your oral health. However, it must be an effective oral hygiene routine. This means you need to do more than just brush twice a day. In fact, you need to remember to also floss and rinse once a day. To help you have the proper flossing technique, Dr. is happy… Read more »

Are You Familiar with the Benefits of Zoom! Whitening?

With the vast amounts of tooth whitening treatments available at your disposal these days, it can be easy to get trapped with the wrong product. Some over the counter products can potentially damage your tooth enamel or bleach your gums, so it is important to speak with your dentist before using a tooth whitening product…. Read more »

What Do You Know about Tooth Extractions?

Preparing for a tooth extraction is critical if you want your procedure and recovery to go smoothly. The more you are willing to do to prepare, the easier your recovery will be. If you like to exercise or your job requires heavy labor, you will need to rest after a tooth extraction. Getting enough rest… Read more »

Canker Sores

They are persistent, painful, and not fun to have around. What could they be? They are likely canker sores. These little bumps and divets in the oral cavity are tedious, troublesome, and, because of advanced dental research, treatable. Canker sores are round and shallow depressions in the cheeks, gums, or lips that vividly hurt. The… Read more »

Recognizing and Preventing Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a very common but mild form of gum disease. It is preventable and treatable when it occurs. But if it is left untreated it can lead to more serious conditions. In fact, gum disease has been linked not only to other oral health issues but to things such as cardiovascular disease and complications… Read more »

How a Bone Graft Can Renew Your Smile Health

Dr. Dawn Wu and Dr. Huyen Nguyen at are pleased to offer bone augmentation, or bone grafting, for our patients experiencing jaw bone loss in loss in , . If you have lost bone density because of oral issues such as tooth loss, trauma or gum disease, a bone graft procedure can renew your smile… Read more »

Daily Oral Hygiene Focus Needs to Be Given to Your Teeth and Braces

The orthodontic hardware of your braces creates a sophisticated system capable of applying progressive tension to your teeth. Each braces tightening performed at Dr. ’s , clinic is designed to gradually move your teeth one small step closer to their ideal alignment. This will serve to correct unappealing elements of your smile while reducing your… Read more »

Can Dental Bonding Upgrade and Enhance Your Smile?

Can dental bonding upgrade and enhance your smile? Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry service that is often used to repair or improve damaged teeth with a resin or porcelain material. Oftentimes, dental bonding treatments can tremendously improve the look and function of your teeth. For more information about dental bonding and its uses, see… Read more »

How Flossing Helps Your Oral Health

If you’ve ever visited a dentist, you probably understand that you should brush your teeth every day for two minutes at a time. You might also understand that you should set up appointments with us once every six months. Finally, you might have been told that flossing should be an important part of your oral… Read more »

How Soda Affects Your Teeth

You probably know that there are several things you should do if you’re interested in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. For example, you probably know you should follow a good diet with plenty of calcium in it. However, did you know that sodas can actually have a negative impact on your pearly whites? Sadly,… Read more »