Protect Your Smile From Tooth Decay and Gum Disease With These Tips

This year, we encourage you to cultivate effective oral health care habits on a daily basis to prevent plaque buildup on your teeth decrease the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease. Our dentist has provided a list of tips to reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease by improving the health of… Read more »

Is Mouthwash an Effective Replacement for Flossing?

In today’s advanced world, you have several more choices of a mouth rinse than just plain old water. The market offers several types of mouthwashes to rinse away food and bacterial debris. While mouthwash offers many benefits, though, it can’t replace flossing, and our dentists and team explain why. Cosmetic mouthwashes can help if you… Read more »

Common Oral Health Reminders: Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

  Every aspect of your life could potentially damage your oral health. In addition, every aspect of your life can actually improve your oral health. With that in mind and the fact that everything you are doing can influence your teeth and gums, it is always a good idea to remember how products affect your… Read more »

Braces: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Holiday Meal

The holidays are here, and with them come tasty holiday foods. Here are some things you may find on the menu–and whether or not you can eat them while you have braces. Turkey: Roast turkey and other protein-packed dishes are excellent sources of phosphorous. Phosphorous is a nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium, strengthening… Read more »

Things to Consider If You Need Orthodontic Care

Typically, orthodontic treatment is reserved for children and teens; however, adults need orthodontics too, due to dental conditions, overcrowding, or trauma inflicted upon the teeth. Of course, there are things to consider before making a decision, such as age-related considerations, as well as bite correction concerns, vulnerabilities, and psychosocial factors at play. At , we… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Improve a Smile with Cosmetic Imperfections

Problems with chronic dental stains and other physical imperfections with the teeth in the front of your mouth can be frustrating and hamper your self-confidence. While a dental bleaching treatment can remove dental stains, it cannot address physical imperfections with your teeth. If the original cause of the dental stains isn’t addressed, the dental stains… Read more »

Fixing Your Broken Braces

Your braces are going to be with you for a while. You will definitely be together for many months, and possibly over a year, depending on your course of treatment. You can help keep your braces in top-notch shape by avoiding hard or tough foods and foods that can become lodged in your braces; and… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your Braces Placement

Your orthodontic treatment has been planned and it’s almost time for your braces to bonded in place by Dr. . There are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for this important step in your journey to a straight smile. Ask Questions Before your braces are placed, talk with our orthodontist and… Read more »

Oral Health Care Procedures: Endodontics

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry designed specifically to focus on pulp repair. If you have issues or elements that arise within the pulp of the tooth or damage to tissues within the root, endodontics treatments such as root canals are required to save the tooth. If a tooth is repaired via a root canal… Read more »

The Answers to Your Questions About Dental Crowns

Has your dentist recommended treating your smile with a dental crown in , ? If so, good for you! You are on your way toward the top-notch oral health and smile you deserve. Before your treatment, our dental team is happy to give you the answers to your questions so you can be better prepared… Read more »