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Endodontics is a branch of dentistry designed specifically to focus on pulp repair. If you have issues or elements that arise within the pulp of the tooth or damage to tissues within the root, endodontics treatments such as root canals are required to save the tooth. If a tooth is repaired via a root canal treatment, it may successfully last for a lifetime of wear and tear.

Are you familiar with root canals? A root canal is an oral health disorder that arises when the pulp of a tooth is damaged beyond repair. In many situations, tooth extractions are required but with the help of advanced forms of endodontic dentistry treatments, root canal treatments can be applied to save the afflicted tooth.

Endodontists require an additional two years of highly advanced medical training beyond traditional dental school. The additional training is required for complex endodontics treatment and surgeries designed to repair and save damaged teeth, that otherwise may require extraction. Millions of teeth are saved every year in the United States thanks to endodontic treatments.

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