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October’s here and Halloween is on the way! It’s time for haunted houses, costumes, fall parties, and of course, candy. We want you to have a great time enjoying the parties and the trick-or-treating. October is National Orthodontic Health month, so we have some tips for you to protect your braces as you enjoy your Halloween.

To have a safe Halloween for your braces we recommend you avoid candies that can harm them. To keep your braces safe, you should avoid the types of candy that are hard, gummy, sticky, or chewy. But there is good news!

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the candy you gather. You can safely have soft candies such as peppermint patties, candy bars, and peanut butter cups. Don’t risk a lifetime of a straight, beautiful smile for a moment of sweet candy now.

Be sure to keep brushing! Extra exposure to sugar can accelerate the development of cavities. That means the brushing and flossing habits you have are extra important this month. Be sure to brush and floss consistently after eating your candy this month.

To learn more about how to care for your braces during the Halloween season, call New Smile Dentistry in Richardson, Texas. Dr. would love to help you. Happy Halloween!