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You probably know that there are several things you should do if you’re interested in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. For example, you probably know you should follow a good diet with plenty of calcium in it. However, did you know that sodas can actually have a negative impact on your pearly whites?

Sadly, people of all ages are affected by soda consumption. In fact, would you be surprised to learn that drinking soda is actually one of the most common causes of gum disease? The acids in soda can actually weaken your teeth and weaken the protective outer layer of your teeth. To make matters worse, studies have found that Americans are drinking more and more soda each passing year.

If you do drink a soda, you could try rinsing your mouth out with water. Still, a better option might be avoiding soda altogether. There are several other options you can consider, such as seltzer water, tea, pure juices, and kombucha. Similarly, there are other drinks you should avoid. For instance, sports drinks can cause serious problems because they have sugar in them. For the same reason, you should avoid most juices.

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