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Dr. Dawn Wu and Dr. Huyen Nguyen at New Smile Dentistry are pleased to offer bone augmentation, or bone grafting, for our patients experiencing jaw bone loss in loss in Richardson, Texas. If you have lost bone density because of oral issues such as tooth loss, trauma or gum disease, a bone graft procedure can renew your smile health once again.

Proper jaw bone density is maintained by the stimulating chewing action of your teeth. When a natural tooth is lost, this stimulation is halted, impacting jaw bone growth. This arises as the width of the jaw bone can be diminished by 25% in the first year alone of losing a tooth.

Additionally, the jaw bone supports facial muscle and skin to maintain your facial structure. Without enough supportive bone density, the face will appear prematurely aged.

Another detrimental effect of bone loss to the jaw includes treatment options such as dental implants. To be able to support a dental implant in the jaw, there needs to be sufficient bone material. A bone augmentation procedure allows Dr. to improve the success of restoration procedures such as crowns, dentures, and fixed bridgework.

If you have experienced loss of bone density in your jaw, our bone graft is an ideal way to rebuild it. To perform the graft, our dentist may take a piece of bone from another part of your jaw or body (such as your hip or shin) and transplant it to the affected jawbone. Bone can also be sourced from other places, including artificial bone to build up your jawbone.

If you are ready to renew your smile health and want to learn how bone grafting can accomplish this, we invite you to schedule a visit with our team by calling (972) 231-9591 today. At New Smile Dentistry, Dr. Dawn Wu and Dr. Huyen Nguyen look forward to helping you create the smile of your dreams in Richardson, Texas!