Our dentist can prevent the tooth loss that often results from gum disease with periodontal splinting. Our dentist will use a stabilizer to secure your teeth so they remain in your mouth while you eat, speak and smile. Schedule an appointment at New Smile Dentistry if you need to receive periodontal splinting in Richardson, Texas.

When gum disease enters its more severe stages, it can destroy gum and jaw bone tissues. These tissues surround, support, and protect teeth, so if gum disease destroys them, then you are more likely to have loose teeth and experience tooth loss. In fact, gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. Missing teeth not only mar the beauty of your smile, but they can make chewing and speaking difficult as well. Additionally, they contribute to jawbone loss. To prevent tooth loss, we offer periodontal splinting.

Periodontal splinting is a means to prevent weak or loose teeth from falling out of your mouth. A splint joins several teeth together so they can support each other and evenly distribute bite forces. There are two common splinting options: extra-coronal splinting and intra-coronal splinting. Extra-coronal splinting uses a stabilizing wire or fiber-reinforced ribbon bonded to the outside of teeth. Intra-coronal splinting uses a stabilizing device bonded in a slot created in the teeth. To learn more about our periodontal splinting, call our office today.