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Danger: Dental accidents are afoot at every turn. Your teeth may not be safe! Beware! Don’t dare to avoid your oral health care, or a dental accident can give you a scare!

Granted, every moment of your life isn’t a constant war to save your ivory little wonderbites that are tucked safely in their tiny gummy bunkers within your mouth, but there are plenty of risks abound that can put them in danger. Protecting your teeth often requires more than just brushing and flossing daily.

The first step is damage prevention. This includes eliminating any habits that put your teeth at risk. The most obvious offenders include hard drugs and smoking and chewing tobacco. Not only can these habits ruin your smile, but they can destroy your physical health too. Also, if you are actively involved in contact sports or other high-risk activities, be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear to protect your mouth at all times.

Be careful what you place in your mouth. Your mouth should not be used a bottle opener, nor do your teeth need to be sharpened. Avoid pen caps, nail-biting, bottle caps, soda tabs, and other items that have no need ever being placed in your mouth. Also, exercise caution with some foods, as hard edibles can still crack and chip your teeth.

With a little effort and a lot of patience, you can drastically improve your oral health habits and minimize the risks to your smile.

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