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Every aspect of your life could potentially damage your oral health. In addition, every aspect of your life can actually improve your oral health. With that in mind and the fact that everything you are doing can influence your teeth and gums, it is always a good idea to remember how products affect your smile and what you can do to keep your smile safe.

Saving your smile includes knowing the warnings of tooth hazards and avoiding dental damage that can arise. Severe dental damage in the form of oral accidents and injuries can easily arise if you’re not careful. Products in your diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits in your day-to-day routine pose as tooth hazards and potentially damage your smile. One common tooth hazard that can arise consists of stains and discolorations associated with drinking products. Numerous drinks including coffee and wine are known for staining and discoloring teeth. Furthermore, wine can be extremely acidic and potentially cause dental erosion to occur.

Lifestyle habits can severely hinder your health. If you’re involved with any bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, your smile will be at risk. Not only can this lead to stains and bad breath, but it could potentially cause tooth loss and cancer. As a result, it is important to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco immediately. Furthermore, exercise caution when using your teeth for any task for which they are not equipped. Never chew on your nails or pencils or other inedible products. Doing so can cause immediate damage in the form of chips and cracks. Furthermore, it places your gums at risk for lacerations and bleeding.

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