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They are persistent, painful, and not fun to have around. What could they be? They are likely canker sores. These little bumps and divets in the oral cavity are tedious, troublesome, and, because of advanced dental research, treatable.

Canker sores are round and shallow depressions in the cheeks, gums, or lips that vividly hurt. The symptoms of canker sores include pain, discoloration of the flesh, and torn tissue. When treating canker sores, professionals usually treat the pain rather than the sore.

The discomfort can be treated with a number of methods including:

— Eating bland foods

— Rinsing with warm water

— Using pain-relieving gels or creams on sores

— Taking pain-relief medication

— Avoiding consumption of acidic foods

Doctors can prescribe:

— Steroid medicine gel

— For extreme cases, injection steroids

Even the leading specialists in scientific research don’t fully understand the cause of canker sores. Their formation has been linked to genetics, high acid levels, and stress, but they are often random and unpredictable.

They can become dangerous and you should see our dentist if:

—  The sores are more numerous than before

— You have sores more often than you don’t

— Your sores are larger than one centimeter across

— You experience joint pain, fever, diarrhea, or rashes in coincidence with canker sores

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