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With the vast amounts of tooth whitening treatments available at your disposal these days, it can be easy to get trapped with the wrong product. Some over the counter products can potentially damage your tooth enamel or bleach your gums, so it is important to speak with your dentist before using a tooth whitening product. For the best results, consider a professional whitening system such as Zoom! whitening.

Are you familiar with the benefits of Zoom! whitening? For more information about Zoom! teeth whitening treatments, consider the following:

– Zoom! whitening can eradicate current stains, but it will not protect your teeth from future stains, so be sure to exercise caution with your diet.
– If you still want additional care beyond your Zoom! whitening, your dentist can give you at-home whitening systems to use in your spare time to work out any areas that need touch-ups.
– By using specialized gels including hydrogen peroxide and lamps to activate them, Zoom! whitening treatments can submerge below the surface of a tooth and bleach away stains and discolorations.
– If you have marks in your teeth, Zoom! whitening is designed to remove them. This includes marks from tea, wine, beets, soft drinks, juices, coffee, and even marks caused by tobacco and old age.
– Each Zoom! whitening product will take roughly an hour to use and can immediately improve your smile in a single visit.

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