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Vigorous athletics and contact sports typically come with increased risk of injury. In some of these instances an accidental blow to the mouth can cause significant damage to teeth and soft oral tissues. Athletes with traditional braces are also at increased risk of suffering severe oral trauma.

To answer these important concerns many schools and athletic associations require a protective mouthguard when participating in certain sports. Unfortunately, some athletes complain that the stock mouth guards sold at the retail level are uncomfortable. Some of these mouth pieces can also make it difficult to breathe at full exertion.

If you are unhappy with your mouthguard, you should consider setting up an appointment with our dentist to learn more about custom mouth guards. This is a special mouthpiece that Dr. can design to match the unique characteristics and contours of your dentition.

The custom fit and quality materials used to create the custom mouthguard allow for a comfortable fit, and maximum protection as well as the easy passage of air. The ease of use helps encouraged you to use the mouthguard at all the necessary times.

If you live in the Richardson, Texas, region and you are interested in a custom mouthguard, you should call (972) 231-9591 to set up an appointment at New Smile Dentistry.